Logfret is open as usual for business despite the unpredictable situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 is creating significant personal hardships. All of that being said, we want to assure you that we at Logfret are taking every possible step to primarily protect the health and well-being of our employees and at the same time are also doing everything in our power to deliver the excellent service to our customers.


Each Logfret office has taken their safety and health measures base on the different measures pushed out by their respective governments. With the measures changing rapidly base on the current COVID-19 19 situation, Logfret is always on alert and standby to customize to the logistics challenge(s) you and our customers are facing.

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Nearly 75 percent of companies report supply chain disruptions in some capacity due to coronavirus-related transportation restrictions, according to the newly released results of a survey focused on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) business and supply chain impacts.


The Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) survey reveals that more than 80 percent believe that their organization will experience some impact because of COVID-19 disruptions.

As we are seeing a return to normalcy in China and most parts of Asia, our business there is slowly getting back to normal and all offices are working at their best to be back to full staffing.

Europe and the Americas are currently affected, and we must adapt to the circumstances as dictated by the governments of each country and/or state, staying proactively and close contact with our clients, air/sea carriers and partners to provide the best alternative solutions to the different challenges and disruptions.

Thankfully, Logfret has adopted cloud-based technology such as NEOLink (a centralized platform with end-to-end supply chain visibility), which essentially allows our staff and customers ease of access irrespective of their locations and we are confident to provide customers valuable insight for real-time decision making, which is very crucial in this tough period.

NEW customs policy for packaging targeting on medical supplies for personal consumption (cannot be used in hospitals and clinics) in Shanghai, China (Please note that the following does not apply to other states in China) 

  • An APPROVED certificate must be in each inner plastic packing.
  • PVG airport Customs will be strict to perform the inspection on all medical supplies for personal consumption. Customs will perform manual check and release; thus, it will take longer times. Any incomplete information, items will be rejected for export.
  • If it is for medical supplies for personal consumption, there should not have FDA logo. Otherwise cargo will be detained.
  • Internal packaging MUST come along with:
    – Approved certificate
    – Commodity name
    – Specification
    – Product major materials
    – Product batch #
    – Production date
    – Validity date
    – Factory name
    – Factory address
  • On the certificate, must clearly state the product name, production date, product validity period, QC chop.
  • Description on certificate must tally with products found.
  • Any FDA logo found on the external packaging; it will be considered for hospital usage.
  • Any CE wording found on the outer and/or inner packaging with mismatch information against the product code, cargo will be detained for further inspection.

Any mismatched information will be resulted in lengthy admin handling + storage + penalty.

NEOLink cooperated with our order processing system. He did not replace it or force solutions. Logfret did it better than other companies on the market – it adapted its system to ours. Logfret didn’t come to us saying, “We have this solution, and you either use it or we won’t cooperate.

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We made a huge improvement in global visibility with a global platform—anyone can log into NEOLink and look at a shipment anytime, anywhere in the world. We wanted a freight forwarder with a good technology platform, which could handle the complexities of our business and we found NEOLink!

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My suppliers have less or zero experience with international logistics. Thus, not able to create proper documentation which leads to tremendous delay. Thanks to Logfret who provide training to all suppliers and work with us to build up a consolidation hub to reduce transportation costs significantly.

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