Duty increases on Made in China products in the US

Date: 29th August 2019

In response to China’s decision to impose additional tariffs targeting U.S. goods, President Trump has instructed the United States Trade Representative to increase by 5% the tariffs on approximately $550 billion worth of Chinese imports to the US.

For the goods already subjected to an additional 25% tariff (approximately $250 billion worth of Chinese imports), USTR will begin the process of increasing the tariff rate to 30%, effective October 1 following a notice and comment period.

For the goods subjected to an additional 10% tariff (approximately $300 billion worth of Chinese imports also known as List 4 A and 4B) that the President announced earlier this month, the tariffs will now be 15%, effective on the already scheduled dates for tariff increases on these imports (September 1st and December 15th as below, per our previous announcement).

These tariffs are not final until officially announced in the U.S. Federal Register.


Source: Reuters, NYTimes, CNBC
Date: 18th August 2019

The U.S. Trade Representative has issued a notice regarding the proposed 4th list of imports subject to Section 301 tariff increases. These products will be subject to an additional duty of 10% if Made in China.

List 4 will be separated into two lists – 4A and 4B. For items on List 4A, the additional 10% tariff will go into effect on September 1st. The tariff will be delayed until December 15th for all items on List 4B. These include cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, certain toys, computer monitors, and certain items of footwear and clothing. The USTR also intends to conduct an exclusion process for the products subject to the tariff.

Certain products based on health, safety, national security, and other factors will not be subject to the tariff increase and are excluded from the list.

The USTR has not yet announced how the new tariffs will be applied (whether the effective date will be based on date of export, date of entry, etc.). Once further details are published, we will inform you as soon as possible.
Please inform all your customers shipping “Made in China” goods to the US, even if the shipment originates from another country.

You may find below the links to both lists.
USTR List 4A (Effective September 1, 2019)
USTR List 4B (Effective December 15, 2019)

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